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3Shape Dental System

Unleash your lab's creative potential and be a strong digital partner

3Shape Dental System takes digital design to the next level. This software is optimized for the needs of dental technicians - thanks to it they can devote all their time to the preparation of even more works, at the same time.

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Craftsmanship at the centre

Are you ready to become the dentists’ most important partner and help them get everything out of today’s technologies? Dental System is a solution that lets you focus on craftsmanship and creativity while the software does the rest. No matter the size of your lab, our dental CAD/CAM software will enable you to become more productive and provide profitable services such as dentures, clear aligners, smile designs, surgical guides, splints and more. And it gives you free access to an open system of design services, libraries, as well as third-party intraoral scanners, mills and 3D printers.


3Shape Dental System was designed by dental technicians for dental technicians. As a result a software was developed that guarantees the highest quality, efficiency and comfort of work, as well as a broad catalogue of available works

The widest range of treatment workflows

You might be a full-service lab. Or a specialist lab. Or maybe you specialize now but want to expand later according to the developing needs of your dentist clients. No matter your range of services, our software lets you pick just the treatment workflows and packages that fit your business - so that you can grow and stay ahead step by step. 3Shape is renowned for its unrivaled range of treatment workflows covering the diverse needs and preferences of dentists and their patients. Choose now, expand later to stay ahead.

New all-in-one implant bridge workflow

Design highly aesthetic and functional implant bridges easier than ever before with our new all-in-one reduced implant bridge workflow. Start out with anatomy design and smile composer, to create a beautiful smile. Combine any type of cutback option or leave a full anatomical crown. Create an esthetic gingiva design, with the automatic gingiva generator, finally combine the connect the bridge to the abutments.

Make dentures digitally and boost your productivity

Powerful advancements to 3Shape Denture Design software and new possibilities within manufacturing and materials make it highly attractive for labs to start producing dentures digitally today. Our intelligent dental software helps you produce full and partial dentures quickly, easily, and profitably.

Drive efficiency with Lab Management System integration

You no longer need to fill in case information in both your Dental System and Lab Management System forms. As the only CAD software in the industry, 3Shape Dental System is now integrated with five of the major Lab Management Systems enabling you to use the latter as a core planning tool too.

Unleash your craftsmanship with smile libraries

Create top quality designs for your customers with access to 100+ tooth libraries composed by some of the world’s most skilled dental technicians. For example, all smiles from the book “Fabulous Smiles” by Przemek Seweryniak and Kate Brantvik can be selected from the 18 amazing libraries in Dental System. Inspiring and involving patients and dentists is easier than ever.

AI-powered dental crown design for your lab

3Shape Automate is a self-service and available 24/7 solution for your 5 minutes design. This open platform will double the number of available units to mill every day. Automate is free to try.
From Dental System 2021, you can directly upload relevant cases to 3Shapa Automate, and download the final design either directly for production or to modify the design in Dental Designer.

Software packages

Dental System is available at few packages


Design full anatomies, bridges, copings, frameworks and wax-ups. Use CAD points to provide advanced indications.


Design all indications from the Crown & Bridge package plus splints, digital temps, digital smile design, RealView, telescopes, post&core and more.

Complete restorative

Get all indications from Premium and Removable, plus all available restorative add-ons to design abutments, implant bars, models and more at an attractive price.


For labs that specialize in providing full and partial dentures.

FunctionsDental System
Complete Restorative
Dental System
Dental System
Crown and Bridge
Dental System
Copings and bridge frameworks++++
Anatomical copings and bridge framework++++
Full anatomical crowns and bridges++++
Gingival on all indications++Upgrade / CAD PointsUpgrade
Single wax up / Wax up bridge+++Upgrade
Inlay / Onlay / Inlay bridge / Veneers+++Upgrade
Tabletops and Non-prepared Veneers++Upgrade / CAD PointsUpgrade
Multi-layer crowns and bridges++Upgrade / CAD PointsUpgrade
Digital temporaries++Upgrade / CAD PointsUpgrade
Virtual diagnostic wax-ups++Upgrade / CAD PointsUpgrade
Post & core++Upgrade / CAD PointsUpgrade
Telescopes++Upgrade / CAD PointsUpgrade
Customized abutments and screwretained crowns+Add-on / CAD PointsAdd-on / CAD PointsAdd-on / CAD Points
Implant Bars and Bridges+Add-on / CAD PointsAdd-on / CAD PointsAdd-on / CAD Points
Full Dentures+Add-on / CAD PointsAdd-on / CAD Points+
Removable partial dentures+Add-on / CAD PointsAdd-on / CAD Points+
Customized impression trays for dentures++Upgrade / CAD Points+
Digital Models+Add-on / CAD PointsAdd-on / CAD PointsUpgrade
Positioning Guides++Add-on / CAD PointsUpgrade
Splint Design, night guards and mouthguards++Add-on / CAD PointsUpgrade
Orthodontics / Orthodontic appliancesAdd-onAdd-onAdd-onAdd-on
Implant Planning and Surgical GuidesAdd-onAdd-onAdd-onAdd-on
Smile Design++++
Mirroring teeth++++
Simultaneous modeling on upper & lower++++
Dynamic virtual articulation++++
Additional elements++++
RealView Engine with 2D Design guidelines++Upgrade+
Align and re-use design++++
CAD block placement++++
3Shape Communicate++++
Basic / Expert mode++++
Advanced design validation tools++++
Manufacturing Inbox50505050
Full manufacturing equipment compatibility++++
3Shape LabCare Support included in a subscription++++
Add-on / CAD PointsApply 3Shape CAD Points or purchase add-on module (sold separately).
UprgradeRequires upgrade to Premium or Complete Restorative. (sold separately).
CAD Points / UpgradeApply to 3Shape CAD Points or upgrade to Premium or Complete Restorative (sold separately).