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About us

At RS-Team, you will find a partner who can help your clinic or lab implement digital solutions—whether you’re just starting down that path or have already embarked on it. The knowledge of our experts will help you create tailor-made solutions that will open the doors to the world of digital dentistry.

We believe the changes we’re helping to make today will create a world where dentists and dental technicians can work more comfortably and efficiently. Patients can gain access to personalised treatment pathways down to the smallest detail.



The willingness to break down barriers and not being afraid to innovate is the foundation of the RS-Team brand. Thanks to our approach, we have been able to bring globally unique solutions to market—from innovative formats for the green magnetic drive, through developments in temperature and waste management, to integrated modular milling machine solutions.


Commitment to quality

Every product that leaves our company is very meticulously inspected before it is placed in the hands of a physician. We know how important reliability and continuity are, so we make every effort to provide world-class quality.



RS-Team has the years of experience and knowledge necessary to integrate software solutions and devices from different vendors within a single facility to form a harmonised whole to support the efficiency of physicians and technicians in the treatment process. Our goal is to make things as simple as possible for dentists.


Customer support

For physicians and technicians who have decided to take advantage of the RS-Team offer, we maintain a special infoline, where specialised staff will help you repair the malfunction yourself. In case this would not be possible, we guarantee the visit of a technician within 24 hours, who will do everything to restore the machine on site. If this is not possible, RS-Team will provide all means necessary to keep the continuity of services for patients.


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