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Dedicated helpline

The first line of support for all RS-Team customers is a dedicated hotline with a tone menu, which allows you to get redirected to a consultant specialized in a given type of product, for example, intraoral scanners or milling machines. Hotline has consultants in Polish, English and German.

Business continuity guaranteed

The continuity of a clinic or laboratory operation is the basis of safety. Understanding this matter, RS-Team guarantees a repair within 24 hours. If the on-site repair is not possible, RS-Team will provide all means necessary to keep a continuity of operations for patients.

Full substantive care

The support offered by RS-Team is not limited to simple advice on technical problems. It also includes substantive support in the preparation of work. Each of the consultants is able to independently use the device for which they provide support, so you can be sure to receive the highest quality support.